Richard Lipsey

Lipsey & Associates, Inc., is a proven leader in the toxicology and environmental industries. For over 30 years, Dr. Richard Lipsey has worked closely with Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and concerned individuals worldwide to provide scientific solutions for creating healthy environments in homes, offices, and in the workplace.

Dr. Richard L. Lipsey

  • Forensic toxicologist and former adjunct instructor, UNF, Division of Continuing Education
  • University of North Florida—OSHA HAZ/MAT certificate
  • Member, Clinical Toxicology Advisory Committee, Florida Poison Information Center, Jacksonville
  • Poison Control Center


Lipsey & Associates provides

  • Expert witness services for plaintiff and defense
  • National authority on mold exposure and mold-poisoning syndrome
  • Onsite inspections/sampling of laboratories, offices, factories, and homes for mold and chemical exposure
  • Research of personal injuries that result from chemicals, mold, drugs, or alcohol
  • Training for professionals and government representatives
  • Analysis of chemical labels, warnings, and MSDS sheets
  • Review of federal and state regulations


Toxic-tort attorneys, insurance claim managers, risk managers for cities and countiesall require the utmost in professionalism and integrity. The following are letters of appreciation Lipsey & Associates has received for delivering excellent environmental services.

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" . . . I am thankful for your support. . . . I keep turning to you for advice on how to deal with problems my family is having. You seem to have the answers."
—Kelly, Customer

Beverly Hills, CA

" . . . He is certainly one of the most credible and believable experts in this field. . . . He has seen literally hundreds of cases involving exposure to pesticides. . . . I accept Dr. Lipsey’s testimony in total."
—Honorable Stephen J. Johnson

Judge of Compensation Claims

" . . . Prior to trial the insurance company had not offered a single penny for the family. After the conclusion of the evidence in our case, however, the carrier settled the case for just under $250,000. . . ."
—C. Richard Newsome, Overchuck & Langa

Orlando, FL

"I am pleased to report that the jury returned a verdict in favor of [plaintiff name] in the amount of $5,744,000. . . . You were a very good witness at the trial."
—Robert E. Shields; Doffermyre, Shields

Atlanta, GA

" . . . We received a $12 million dollar verdict and had the court enter a $10 million dollar judgment. . . . We certainly appreciate your help in this matter."
—Larry W. Lockwood, Jr.; Miller & Bondurant, LTD.

Portsmouth, VA

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